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At Timmi Studio, our talent and our passion is creating superior imagery and strategic video solutions that resonate with viewers.

Timmi Studio produces a wide variety of content: commercials, short films, weddings, music videos and more.
We believe the video medium gives your audience a fresh way to engage with your story.
We leverage our professional video services to tell your story the right way while keeping everything scaled to your budget.

Vlerick Business School

Florence Energy Bootcamp

Meagan Tiffany

Promo Video

Tourguideandtourism Travel Agency

Cooking With Carlotta

Tourguideandtourism Travel Agency

Promo Tour Presentation

Lorenzo de Medici Restaurant

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F.C.S Promo Clip


Michele Chiocciolini for Lungarno Magazine


Jessica Sartiani for Lungarno Magazine


Arlo Haisek for Lungarno Magazine


Erin Ciulla for Lungarno Magazine

Elizabeth Orchard


Fiat 500 Touring Club

Cherise Vecchio – Four Seasons Of Travel

Meagan & NIcola


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