I have met Jiseo Kim, at an event hosted by the FB group Creative People in Florence. We saw each other after that a few times, when I was collaborating with some great people for Sara Amrhein jewelry collection  photo shoot, made by Matthew Langthorne. Then I discovered her amazing work, as a handmade jewelry designer, in a series of studio visits proposed by Anna Rose who managed to open a few doors of some creative artist studios.

I like the challenge of trying new things, so when she came to me to ask if I can shoot her 2014 adCampaign, I immediately said yes. It was the perfect chance to test my little one ( Fuji x10 ). She was supposed to leave Florence in two weeks, and go back in China (she’s a Korean but lives in China) to find her way. We talked a little bit about the concept, and a week after we were shooting the campaign.

It was so fun and reinvigorating working with her. Her attitude is fresh and spreads joy all around.

Here are some of the photos that we made.